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Fake Handbags „Hey New Zealand I can’t wait to see you very soon, I’m not yet a citizen ofNew bag replica high quality Zealandbut I’m working on it hook me up prime minister, please,“ said Sheeran, in the video for local radio station ZM.New replica designer bags wholesale Zealand’s leader, 37 year old Jacinda Ardern a well known music fan and occasional DJ responded to the singer’s aaa replica bags request with a35 second video of her own, recorded in her parliamentary office in Wellington.Her best replica bags citizenship test actually included two questions that I couldn answer, which surprised me as I absorbed as much as I could of Kiwi culture when I was replica bags online there (I now been dubbed an Honorary Kiwi and a little bird told me I getting a genuine replica of an All Blacks jersey for my birthday). At any rate, looking up the answers to the first two questions, I found photos to go with the Guardian answers:“Hello Ed, my name isJacinda Ardern, I’m the prime minister of New Zealand and I understand you’ve put through a very informal request for citizenship,“ says Ardern, mock serious.“Before we’re able to think about that a little bit more I’ve got some very important questions for you; the first, do you like pineapple lumps? Do you even know what they are?“Pineapple lumps are a distinctly nostalgic New Zealand treat, a chewy chocolate covered sweet with a sweet pineapple flavoured soft centre, which New Zealanders often keep in the freezer.[JAC: I didn have these or see these in NZ!]Ardern continues: „Two, are you willing to wear jandals in semi inappropriate situations, and also, do you know what jandals are?“Jandals also known as flip flops or thongs are often worn by New Zealanders throughout the year, including winter, and sometimes with suits or dresses to formal events (for comfort’s sake). replica bags china It is thought replica designer bags to be a derivation high end replica bags of „Japanese sandals“.[JAC: I would have no problem with this as I wear flip flops during the summer.]I think I know where Ardern got the situations thing, for this is on her Facebook page. Fake Handbags

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