approached along the only

Sadie was stunning, we approached along the only road into town and after a steep climb up from Eggy we dropped over the ridgeline and straight into this incredible valley. Every twist in the road revealed another stunning vista, an alpine lake, a ski field, a golf course, a foss and finally the fjord itself complete with a cute little town full of colourful houses. This was a lovely way to do it but I think the best way to approach Seydisfjordor would be by sea.

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The Strypes sure can tear into Muddy Waters’s „Rollin‘ and Tumblin'“ or Bo Diddley’s „You Can’t Judge a Book By the Cover“ with youthful abandon. With harmonica and guitar wailing, bass and drums rumbling, 50 years disappear and then young blues rock mavericks like the Yardbirds and Rolling Stones reemerge, basking in their raw exuberance. Initially inspired by their parents‘ record collections, the Strypes, a quartet of Irish teenagers, honed their chops at marathon pub and hotel gigs while absorbing influences ranging from classic pub rock to wizened blues pioneers.

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